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The Horror Collection Vol III: Zombies
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Matchbox Films Presents 'The Horror Collection Vol III: Zombies' STALLED It's Christmas Eve. A down-on-his-luck janitor is cleaning cubicles in an office block. Unfortunately for this forlorn floor-sweeper, he becomes trapped in the washroom the very second a zombie outbreak occurs. Will he be able to hit the emergency alarm with severed fingers and a catapult bra? Has he met his Waterloo? Will he just go potty? Or will he simply remain...Stalled? Consistently hilarious, brilliantly executed, cleverly constructed and visually imaginative, director Christian James' remarkable comedy horror is The Evil Dead meets Phone Booth in a toilet. I SURVIVED A ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST The crew of the New Zealand low budget Zombie film Tonight They Come! are filming in the middle of nowhere. The troubled shoot goes from bad to worse when key cast and crew are stuck down by a mystery illness. The replacement runner, WESLEY PENNINGTON arrives on set fresh out of film school and bubbling with enthusiasm just in time for the mystery illness to start turning zombie extras into REAL, shuffling, un-dead Zombies. Of course the crew are too busy to notice, after all they re very behind schedule. Wesley is the first to discover that the Zombies are real, and he tries to escape the now deadly film set with a small group of survivors. ME AND MY MATES VS THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE The zombie apocalypse has just hit blue collar Australia. Darryl gets trapped in a telephone exchange with several of his co-workers. Although the world has gone to ruin, Darryl is still trying to convince his bosses Roy and Joel to let him join his prestigious indoor cricket team. Two things stand in his way: the current zombie apocalypse and the fact that Darryl has killed Roy s now-zombie wife and had sex with his daughter, Emma. Darryl finds himself stuck in a situation that only has two outcomes: life and death, both of which come with an ever present lack of beer.

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Avaya - Batterieladegerät - Australien - für Av...
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Kurzinfo: Avaya - Batterieladegerät - Australien - für Avaya 3641 IP Wireless Telephone, 3645 IP Wireless Telephone Gruppe USV & Stromversorgungsgeräte Hersteller Avaya Hersteller Art. Nr. 700480957 Modell EAN/UPC Produktbeschreibung: Avaya - Batterieladegerät Gerätetyp Batterieladegerät - extern Lokalisierung Australien Anz. Batterien 4 (Max) Entwickelt für Avaya 3641 IP Wireless Telephone, 3645 IP Wireless Telephone Ausführliche Details Allgemein Gerätetyp Batterieladegerät - extern Lokalisierung Australien Batterie Menge 4 (Max) Informationen zur Kompatibilität Entwickelt für Avaya 3641 IP Wireless Telephone, 3645 IP Wireless Telephone

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